The intrinsic values of the IASCB define our unchanging business philosophy. They are independent of our business objectives and define who we are. Our business values cannot be compromised and take precedence over achieving our business objectives should there be a conflict.


we define quality as meeting or exceeding client's expectations in respect of agreed schedules and scopes of work, best industry practice and cost. Quality involves listening carefully to our clients and helping them define or clarify their requirements, prioritising practical and cost effective solutions that are fit for the purpose, meeting project requirements, using leading edge technology and advanced statistical and numerical analysis where necessary, keeping to agreed schedules for deliverables.

Integrity and Honesty

both at business and personal levels we aim to set examples of integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism. This means that we only undertake work that we are competent and qualified to perform. When we make promises and commitments we keep them. We offer fair prices for work based on standard rates. Our accreditation processes and fee structures are fully transparent and are agreed at the commencement of a client's accreditation application. Our fees include all costs (excluding travel expenses, which are, of their nature, variable and specific to each client). There are no hidden extras. We evaluate clients based on our own personal experiences without pre-conceived ideas. We avoid conflict of interest situations.

Pursuit of relevant knowledge

our business is about knowledge. We are never satisfied without our level of knowledge. Therefore, we encourage individuals within our organisation to increase their technical knowledge through all possible means. Corporately, we choose to undertake research and development in order to retain our technical leadership in our industry. With our unique approach to accreditation we are determined to remain at the forefront of innovative thinking.

Respect for the individual

the IASCB comprises individuals who have infinite value and worth to our organisation and clients. They combine to make a unified team fully capable and dedicated to deliver our services. We are not pawns in a game of business or cogs in a machine just to profit our shareholders. Rather, work is to be fulfilling and rewarding to benefit us as individuals as well as corporately and to society as a whole. We recognise that work is only part of our lives which is interrelated to other aspects of our lives and wellbeing. We respect this reality and are committed to providing a working environment which, as far as possible, takes account of the interrelations with career, relationships and family, and enables every individual to develop his or her full potential.